Concept Beers

The idea behind our Concept Beers is simple; experimentation & learning.

The focus is purely on the beer and nothing else.

We do not have to worry about giving a beer a name, or doing a design – we simply write a recipe and brew a new beer. This allows us to brew styles of beer we have not previously attempted, or spontaneously explore new, exciting ideas, to see what happens… It is our proving ground – if a Concept is excellent, we will give the beer a name and continue brewing it.

Previous Concept Beers (& What Became Of Them):
#27 4.4% Summer Pale : tropical flavours of Mango and Pineapple (Big Brother to Boom Juice)
#26 4.4% Wheat pale : With 50% wheat malts and flavours of orange and vanilla ( this has been turned into our Keg beer Orange Milkshake)
#25 4.2% Citra and Mosaic pale : lightly hazy with reduced finings
#24 5.0% Traditional West Coast IPA
#23 4.7% Tripple hopped IPA with Chinook Citra and Mosaic
#22 4.6% Tropical IPA : changed in a later edition to our hugely successful Taking the Pith
#21 7.4% Barrel aged Single hopped quad hop beast
#20 3.6% Low abv with high hop count, part of the development of Clive
#19 4.4% American Pale Chinook and 7Cs blend. Huge aromas from a huge hop count
#18 4.8% American Brown Ale Brewed with Magnum and double hopped with Columbus,making it spicy bitter and piney
#17 4.0% West Coast Pale great brew with 7Cs and Columbus, hoppy, citrussy
#16 3.0% Super Session IPA Big flavours and low abv. Regular in our range as our ever popular ‘A Beer called Clive’
#15 6.5% Big Hop IPA A practice for bigger beers in the future created using Ekuanot and 7Cs
#14 4.9% Citrus Red – light body citrus flavours
#13 3.6% Tropical Pale fruit flavours of mango and peach. Boom Juice created on the back of this
#12 4.2% Amber hazy bitter from Chinook and Galaxy hops
#11 3.8% Simcoe Single hop pale creating a clean crisp session ale- later editions as part of our single hop range
#10 4.8% Galena Stout smooth roasted flavours later became Onyx
#09 4.7% Black IPA Big Flavours for a refreshingly dark beer (First beer to be dry hopped in FV) became Origin
#08 4.2% Red Ale sweet malts and citrus aromas which became Red Vienna
#07 5.0% Dry Hopped Gold with Chinook and T90
#06 4.2% Vienna Pale a great beer used to test the Vienna Malts as 50% of the grist
#05 5.0% Golden ale 5 hops used to create the 5% delight
#04 4.0% Mango Pale brewed using mango fruit extracts, this became Mandalay that was superseded by Boom Juice
#03 4.0% New Zealand Pale Ale Crisp Clean Floral session ale used as the basis for the best selling Maori
#02 4.2% American Red Dark malts virtually overpowered the hops!
#01 4.7% IPA California Ale with stone fruits and citrus aromas which later become Elysium